Pratiyogita Darpan December 2018 Download In Hindi/English Pdf

Pratiyogita Darpan December 2018

Pratiyogita Darpan December 2018 monthly magazine has been disclosed by the Upkar Prakashan for the people which help in preparing the exam and provide the latest current affair news. This magazine is published by the Upkar Prakashan to cover wide areas from current affairs, economy, geography, history, politics and constitution of India. Candidates who are preparing for any competitive exams such as GATE/ CAT/ MAT, UPSC, SSC, Bank, Railway, IAS, Bank, TET etc must read this magazine it is very helpful for you to get success in the exam. Most of the contenders are not able to get success due to lack of knowledge of useful competitive resource. So, contenders are recommended to prepare themselves from this magazine which proofs a very great help for them to get a selected score.

Pratiyogita Darpan

Download Pratiyogita Darpa December 2018 – In English (PDF)

Applicants, whose interest to read this type of magazine in any of the language that is English / Hindi, can download it through official portal which is “” in the form of PDF by using online mode. This magazine is easily available at any book stall both in English and Hindi languages at very convenient price. So aspirants who are willing to familiar with what is in limelight in the month of December 2018  must read Pratiyogita Darpan magazine.

Main Highlights about Pratiyogita Darpan e-magazine December 2018 PDF

  • India and Russia Link $ 400 Missile Deal.
  • President Ram Nath Kovind’s Three Days Visit To Tajkistan
  • India elected to influential UN rights council with highest number of votes
  • Liechtenstein Signs Automatic Exchange of Information Past with India
  • India Has 3-4 Lakh $ Millionares with $ 6 Trillion Total Wealth: Study
  • US, Canada Agree On Free Trade Pact
  • China Develops Supersonic Missile Touted As Competition to BrahMos
  • India Ranked 58th in WEF’s Competitive Index-2018
  • Kharif Crops 1st Advance Estimates for 2018-19
  • Fourth Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Review 2018
  • 10th Agriculture Census 2015-16: Provisional Data
  • PM Modi Gets Seoul Peace Prize

Pratiyogita Darpan December 2018 Solved Papers:

UP. PCS (Mains) Exam-17
N.D.A and N.A Exam- 18
UGC-NET/ JRF Exam-18
Telanagana State Eligibility Test (SET)-18
Bank of India Credit Officer Exam-18
OICL A.O (Pre) Exam -17
I.B.P.S RRBs Officer (Pre) Exam-17

Topics for Pratiyogita Darpan for the month of December 2018

Following topics will be available in Pratiyogita Darpan e-magazine:

  • News and Events
  • Career News
  • Current Affairs
  • Career Article
  • Annual Reports
  • World Panorama
  • Personality Development
  • Inspiring Youth : Interviews

December 2018 GK & Current Affairs Quiz

Q 1. IDFC’s Infrastructure Finance Limited was acquired by:

  1. SEBI
  2. NIIF
  3. Bajaj Capital Limited
  4. L & T Finance

Answer: 2

Q 2. Name the first indian who won Asian Snooker Tour title in China.

  1. Manan Chandra
  2. Geet Sethi
  3. Pankaj Advani
  4. Yasin Merchant

Answer: 3

Q 3. Which two countries jointly launched the Oceanography Satellite recently?

  1. China and France
  2. France and Russia
  3. India and China
  4. US and Russia

Answer: 1

Q 4. With which country India signed a $950 million deal for inducting two new warships equipped with Brahmos missiles in the India Navy?

  1. Russia
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Italy

Answer: 1

Q 5. Which team get the overall champions of 1st edition of North East Olympic Games 2018?

  1. Tripura
  2. Nagaland
  3. Manipur
  4. Sikkim

Answer: 3

Q 6. The theme of 2018 World Cities Day is;

  1. Promoting a better urban future
  2. Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities
  3. Inclusive Cities, Shared Development
  4. Innovative Governance, Open Cities

Answer: 2

Q 7. Under which department did Tamil Nadu govt provide assistance for women for their emergency?

  1. Department of Co-operation, Food and Consumer Protection
  2. Department of Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme
  3. Department of Health and Family Welfare
  4. Department of Home, Prohibition and Excise

Answer: 2

Q 8. Soura Jalanidhi scheme was launched in __________.

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Bihar
  3. Assam
  4. Odisha

Answer: 4

Q 9. UP government join hands with this country to develop food value chain.

  1. Nepal
  2. Japan
  3. Russia
  4. Singapore

Answer: 2

Q 10. Who won the gold medal in the 2018 Egypt Junior & Cadet Open table tennis tournament?

  1. Miron Radu Andrei
  2. Abdelwahab Youssef
  3. Ding Shixian
  4. Vishal Rajveer Shah

Answer: 4


We hope that all the information provided above regarding Pratiyogita Darpan December 2018 will be helpful for you. For more updates you can stay connected with us as we update our pages time to time.

Download Pratiyogita Darpa December 2018 – In Hindi (PDF)

मुख्य आकर्षण

● राष्ट्रीय, अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय घटनाक्रम
● स्व–प्रेरणा जनित उपलब्धि बु​द्धिमान व्यक्ति का सर्वश्रेष्ठ गुण
● नवीनतम सामान्य ज्ञान, खेलकूद, राज्य समाचार, रोजगार समाचार
● फोकस–उद्योग 4.0
● आर्थिक वाणिज्यिक परिदृश्य
● वर्तमान में चर्चित विभिन्न अवधारणांए
● भारत के प्रमुख ऐतिहासिक व्यक्तित्व
● आॅंकड़ों के आइने में भारतीय उच्च शिक्षा प्रणाली
● आई.ए.एस. परीक्षा की तैयारी : विभिन्न उम्मीदवार, विविध पृष्ठभूमि, तैयारी की अपनी शैली चुनें
● सामाजिक प्रगति निर्देशांक, 2018
● उद्योग, व्यापार एवं बैंकिंग सचेतता

»संचार लेख–प्रेस के चार प्रमुख सिद्धान्त
»प्रतिरक्षा लेख–राफेल सौदे पर उठते सवाल : रक्षा सौदों में पारदर्शी व्यवस्था की दरकार
»अन्तर्राष्ट्री सम्बन्ध चौथे बिम्सटेक शिखर सम्मेलन में खाड़ी क्षेत्र में सहयोग की नई पहल
»संवैधानिक लेख–अनुच्छेद 35 क संविधान का एक अदृश्य हिस्सा
»सामयिक लेख–राष्ट्रीय नागरिक रजिस्टर एन.आर.सी : ‘नागरिक पर प्रश्न’
»पर्यावरण लेख–कॉप 23 संयुक्त राष्ट्र जलवायु परिवर्तन सम्मेलन 2017 : कार्बन उत्सर्जन का लक्ष्य एक ​»कठिन डगर
»जैव विविधता लेख–आर्द्रभूमि: क्या और क्यों?
»निरंकुशता नियंत्रण लेख–भारत में लोक शिकायत निवारण की दिशा व दशा
»कृषि लेख–विकसित होती जीनान्तरित फसलें

हल प्रश्न पत्र
● आर.ए.एस/आर.टी.एस. प्रारम्भिक परीक्षा 2018 – वस्तुनिष्ठ सामान्य अध्ययन
● मध्य प्रदेश पी.एस.सी. राज्य वन सेवा (मुख्य) परीक्षा 2018
● आई.बी.पी.एस. बैंक विशेषज्ञ मार्केटिंग आॅफीसर प्रारम्भिक परीक्षा 2017 – तर्कशक्ति
● यूनाइटेड इंडिया इंश्योरेन्स कंपनी लिमिटेड असिस्टेंट प्रथम चरण परीक्षा 2017
● Bank of India Credit Officer Exam 2018 – English Language
● यू.जी.सी. नेट जे.आर.एफ. परीक्षा 2018 – अर्थशास्त्र
● आगामी राज्य सेवा प्रारम्भिक परीक्षा 2018 हेतु विशेष हल प्रश्न

–उद्योग, व्यापार एवं ​बैंकिंग सचेतता
–वार्षिक रिपोर्ट 2017-18 : पर्यावरण, वन एवं जलवायु परिवर्तन के क्षेत्रों में अनुसंधान और विकास के बढ़ते चरण एक दृष्टि में
–अपना ज्ञान पढ़ाइए
– क्या आप जानते हैं?

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