SSB Interview Questions With Answers 2019 In PDF – Free Download

SSB Interview Questions With Answers 2019 in PDF

Are you going to appear for SSB Interview and now for better preparation you are looking for SSB Interview Questions with Answers? Wonderful here you are at correct place; from here you can check Experience & Eligibility norms to apply for SSB. If you are going to attend SSB Interview then you have a opportunity to create a good impression in interview with the help of given SSB Interview Questions and Answers 2019 in PDF.

Services Selection Board offers a good chance for candidates who are seeking for job in the government sector at various different profiles. Contenders are you going to appear for SSB(Services Selection Board) Interview? Here on this page we are unfolding for you SSB Interview Questions and Answers and Best Tips and advice to crack the interview easily. Check best tricks for SSB Interview which will make a good impression in front of interviewer.

Best SSB Interview Questions With Answers

Cracking SSB (Services Selection Board) Exam is not a simple task. Check below steps, keys which will help at the time of SSB interview. If you go well with these above steps you will without doubt achieve achievement in your exam and interview also. Every year huge number of candidates appears for this exam and gets success by following above steps. You must understand and practice these tips. Then, I can guarantee that you’ll crack the interview.

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SSB Interview Questions And Answers 

  1. Tell us about yourself?
  • You are advised to answer it in such a way that can give a good start to your SSB interview.
  • Make clear in your mind you are providing your background, education and skills in your answer.
  1. Why do you want to join defence forces?
  • You have to attempt these type of question that’s on your interest, motive, and goal.
  • Be prepared with a good reason due to which you are here for SSB Interview.
  1. What if you do not get recommended this time?
  • Be confident and answer it kindly that you will try for it next time
  • Try to show that how much you interest in SSB.

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  1. Is love marriage better over Arrange marriage?
  • You can simply answer these two questions simply with your experiences and thought.
  • Don’t be over smart or over react on such questions. Be clear in your ideas and assertive with the issue.
  1. Did you do any special preparation of SSB?

You can simply mention your books on current affairs, daily newspaper reading ability, surfing net for the source of your preparation, etc.

  1.  Why did you fail in previous SSB attempt?
  • Be optimistic and assertive towards SSB then only you can get positive point in impression.
  • Do not blame to anyone or anything else, that give makes your bad impression.

SSB Interview Questions Asked By the Interviewing Officer

There are many questions that can be asked from different areas that you must be prepared with

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From Family Background

  • How much pocket money you get in college days and how you utilize it?
  • How much help your mother made in your holidays?
  • Whom you like most and why?
  • Say about your brother and sister?
  • You are close to father or mother?

From hobbies and interest:

  • What is your hobby?
  • Why you have chosen this hobby?
  • Why you have changed your childhood hobby with recent one?

From friends:

  • What you say about you and your friends?
  • What you like in your best friends and what they like in you?

Best Tricks & SSB Interview Tips for Preparation

  • Your Voice tone shows your area of interest at different topics or issues and confidence level.
  • Be confident and always try to illustrate your answer with and examples.
  • Speak your answer that is relevant to what the interviewer asked.
  • While speaking, make an eye contact to interviewer.
  • Do not give a sign of uneasiness or hesitation; it may give a negative impression towards interviewer.
  • Be prepared with commonly asked question for SSB Interview as the Questions mentioned above.

Four Day Test of SSB Interview

First Day Test:

  • Psychological test are included during the First day test of SSB interview.
  • OIR or intelligence test
  • Picture Perception and Description test
  • Personal Information Questionnaire

Second Day Test:

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test

Third Day Test:

  • Group Discussion
  • Military Planning Exercise
  • Lecturrettes
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Snake Race
  • Half Group Task
  • Command Task
  • Personal Interview

Fourth Day Test:

  • Individual Obstacles
  • Full/ Final GROUP Task
  • Interview of remaining participants

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