How to Prepare For Written Examination For Any Entrance Exam

How to Prepare For Written Examination

In today’s era, having a good command over your writing skills is of high importance. This is because whether a job interview or an examination- a person is often judged by his or her writing skills. In fact, while reading this article, you are going to judge the person who has written it and will create an image of him- good or bad, it will up to the reader.

So having good writing skills is a blessing. It comes out of reading, reading, and reading. This will make the vocabulary strong and will make written communication strong.

But this article is sorely based on the tacts one should develop for making his or her written skills stronger so that he or she may write a good examination. This article will provide a few tips on cracking it. Read them carefully for practicing it in the future.


  • Keep a check on your study material to crack any examination; it is very important for you to have a good understanding of the topics you are studying so that you are able to write it in your examination. For this, you need to go through and study only those books and materials that will make your understanding of the topic in a better way. If a student will haphazardly study anything irrelevant or anything that is good to read but creates no understanding in the mind, then it is of no use. Hence make sure to carefully select the study material and make a good understanding from it.
  • The Exam Pattern One should know the exact exam pattern, i.e., the division of marks from each topic or section. This will help one to devise the timetable of study according to ti the topic one needs to work more on. One should always devote his time towards the topic that carries more weightage in marks, as compared to others. Also one should take care of the negative marking that is carried by some of the examinations. This will help one to be careful while answering.

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  • Preparation of the Short-notes. This is not a possibility to remember every single word from the topic that is studied while preparing for an exam. So for a quick Go through it is very important for a person to prepare his short notes. These can help in a few ways- like remembering the topic r]during an exam and also during revision, it will be a time saver. Also, they will bring clarity to the topic
  • A Quick look Once Again (Revision)– Even after studying every single word, a person may not remember things during the examination because any preparation is incomplete without revision. Revision in fact carries more importance than the preparation- once you prepare, do revise it. This will bring clarity to the topics plus this will make sure whether a person has studies correctly or not.
  • Work upon the weaknesses A person’s ability can also be judged by the fact that he or she is aware of his or her weakness. It is indeed one of the greatest things. One should know his or her weaknesses and also should work upon it. One should also try to convert them into their strengths. This will bring more positivity in writing the exams in a more confident manner.
  • It should be fast- One should have a good speed to qualify for any examination. This will make sure that a person does not leave any question due to a lack of speed and lack of time. Also, there are a few questions that need more devotion and more time. Thus it will be very difficult for a person to manage a limited amount of time for all the answers along with the revision if the pace is not up to the mark. Hence speed management is important for better time management.
  • The Key Words- For any examination- verbal or written, only the keywords let you in! The use of keywords is very very important. In fact the most. And keywords will be justified only after a better study and understanding of what to write in that particular answer. This will help a person to express his thoughts in a limited amount of words and exactly to the point.
  • It should be limited Nobody has got time to read stories of the answer a person tries to make during a written examination. Hence the answer should be to the point and should not contain some extra information that is not necessary to be mentioned. It should be clear and should be able to deliver the exact message a student is trying to give through his answer.
  • Try to keep it neat One should be careful enough while writing an examination and try not to take some cuttings and errors in the answer. Even if the answer is correct, but it contains some words that corrected by the use whitener or are simply canceled out, it does not look appealing and hence the impression on the examiner is affected.

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